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More Learning Materials

These are additional learning materials to supplement the core curriculum.

Flash Cards

These flashcards are intended to help you remember lesson vocabulary, along with a vocabulary expansion not included in the text.

The printable version (all 4 chapters) can be printed in color or in black and white to make your flashcards.  Within each section, the left column includes a color image of a vocabulary item from that lesson. In the right hand column is an English translation equivalent for that ASL sign.

The digital versions (individual chapers) are Google Slides documents.  With purchase, you can download a document that provides the link for you to make a copy of the Google Slides document in your own Google Drive.  Each of the slides have two “cards”: an English word and a gif showing the ASL sign.

Vocabulary Sheets

There are still images of each of the vocabulary items from each chapter, along with image(s) specifying the handshape(s) used in each sign. In addition to the original vocabulary set from the book, several new items related to each chapter's routine are included.

The black and white sheets are intended to be printed or for digital use. 

The color sheets are intended primarily for digital use. Clicking on the label for each sign will lead viewers to a gif (short video) of that sign.

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